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Over the past century, Kanzawa has kept its tradition and reliability for four generations
and continues to create professional tools that satisfy craftsmen around the world.

The tradition was started in Miki, well known as one of the oldest town of blacksmiths in our country,
by the founder Kanzawa Daikichi who was born to a blacksmith family.
In 1895 he gathered a group of craftsmen to start ‘KANZAWA WORKS’ and begin producing original saws
and pruning scissors as well as drills and agricultural machineries.

From 1950 onwards it started exporting tools. Kanzawa became one of the few export tool manufacturers in Japan
for manufacturing and distributing craftsman tools for the biggest tool manufacturer in the USA. Circle cutter,
Expansive Bit and Punches were introduced and the know-how has become regarded as ‘Kanzawa Original’ around the world.
Many long seller items have since been introduced and became standard worldwide,

Many long seller items have since been introduced and became standard worldwide,
getting support of craftsmen from home and abroad and especially from Europe.
Kanzawa has so far received numerous patents and design awards for original Kanzawa products.

Availability of similar products in the world goes to show that ‘Kanzawa Original’ has been recognized.
Since 2000, we continue to pursue for quality, material and precision of these lasting long sellers
and at the same time propose new modern professional tools.
Today Kanzawa Original carry on the soul of craftsmen.


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